Monday, October 3, 2011

The First Saturday @ Hi-5 (ShortFilters)

Watch out for Hi-5's new 'First Saturday @ Hi-5' event

During the course of the event they attempted to include as many of the elements of Hi-5 as to offer. 

The event was hosted by DeeDoc(Right) with Azuhl(left) on the Visual turntables for an amazing visual and aural experience.

For their first event they invited Johnny Filter(Right) and Shorty Tee(Left) to showcase their new beat tape called ShortFilters, which  has been made available for free download from sound cloud 

Hi-5 will get different artists to paint the area out side the store during each event. This time they managed to get Falko to do his thing. You will be able to see this piece for the next month as you walk down Kloof Street

(Left: DJ White Nite,Right: Boogie 2.0™)

Shout out to Boogie 2.0™ who, together with Hi-5, made the event possible. 

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