A Bit About Us

ETC CREW is the Cape Town-based, cross-dimensional Hip Hop outfit that you might have already heard of. Fuelled by their own fresh, energetic, head-nodding Hip Hop sound,they are on a mission to fill a cultural and musical gap in the South African music industry. Not content to be followers in the game, they have made the point of doing things differently. Armed with the kind of quality beats that speak to your feet, a highly contagious (and at times comedic) lyrical flow, and a stage presence of note, the Crew is here to re-adjust the misconception that Hip Hop is all about ‘Bling’ and ‘Swag’.

The group was formed in 2000- initially as a graffiti crew. After a short-lived career in the visual arts, founding members White Nite (A. Neidhardt) and Johnny Filter (J. Boshobana) turned to music as their creative outlet. A short time after that, Emcee Logical (M. Plaatjies) arrived - making the duo a trio. The three enrolled at Cape Audio College to further their knowledge of studio production and recording, at which point they met the fourth member Bonsai Bush (J. Barben): a vinyl junkie with an ear for production. Later, lyricist Def Eff (M. Ntantiso) joined the family on mic duties - ETC CREW is now a quintet.

ETC Crew is:
Johnny Filter (Beatboxer/Producer)
White Nite - (DJ/ Producer)
Def Eff – (Lyricist/Mc)
Bonsai Bush (Producer)