Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sleepy Hedz Records Presents: ETC FAM

Over the last few weeks we have been working together with some other artists on a compilation disc "Sleepy Hedz Records Presents: ETC FAM"

Sleepy Hedz Records Presents: ETC Fam

   1. Logical                  - Intro                                                  

   2. ETC Crew            - Step Up                                        

   3. ETC Crew            - The Journey                              

   4. That Guy              - Its Nothing New FT ATC      

   5. Def Eff                -  Born With A Gift FT. Logical

   6. Logical                -  Scooby Doo                                  

   7. Johnny-Filter        - Oh Wow                            

   8. Def Eff                 - Keep On Carrying On                

   9. White Nite           - Gotta Have It (Instro)                                

  10. Unknown Aries  - Love FT. That Guy  

  11. That Guy            - Think About It                        

  12. ETC Crew           - Play (Remix)                        

  13. ETC Crew           - Go Get It (Taste)  

It will be an enhanced CD including 3 ETC Crew Music Videos and other footage of the Crew. Email: if in Cape Town to get ur self a copy or go to a ETC Crew show. The mp3s from the compilation are downloadable for FREE from this link

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