Sunday, June 28, 2009

PUT 'EM UP Revised by Sean Christie

Yo Who is this? Is it that fella could rock it a cappella Since '84, been in the cellar like wine Refining his rhymes And getting better with time Stayed working on his repertoire He got deeper than reservoirs to be eccetera.

Hello. Do you know who I am? I’m the man who has been singing unaccompanied since birth. Like a good wine my ability to arrange rhyming couplets has matured over the years, though I must say I have worked quite hard to achieve what I have. In short, I had to full myself up like an artificial lake in order to found my group, ETC crew.

He's one of the devastating four
Quick on the draw That the ladies adore 'Cos they're so very mature The type to build a rapport

I’m one of four group member. The other three are also very good at what they do. Women like that we are all quite witty. Their advanced experience of life allows them to appreciate our talent.

Before you know it Got your knees on the floor And something thick in your jaw Need I say more?

We encourage their attentions, especially seeing as this often leads to fellatio. I don’t think I need to elaborate, do I?

On tour, lets see your hands
Way up in the stands when I command Reaching for the sky like you're in quicksand Engulfed in the rhythmn That's, using a euphemism, the music Is your prison - we're controlling the bars The only four guards Running the yard Leave you mentally scarred Like witnessing a person feathered and tarred . So put 'em up real high like you're mad at the Lord We've been acknowledged as the illest like we winning awards..

When we’re on tour we expect you to wave your hands in the air when we tell you to. We’d like you to do this as if your life depended on it.. Permit me, if you would be so kind, to use the metaphor of the prison to describe how the tempo of our music will make you feel. Essentially you will be incarcerated inside it and only one of the four of us, or all four together, will have the power to free you. The experience will leave you traumatized, the same as if you had just witnessed a 17th century act of dehumanization. With this in mind, you would do well to raise your hands in the manner of those who are angry at God. Our reputation is such that people imagine we’ve received numerous accolades

We contrived a way to give you the vibe We’re exactly what the doctor prescribed

We have manufactured a means of making you vibrate, approved by medical professionals

Play you a rhythm
Now we’ve locked you inside

you will be incarcerated inside our music

Hit you with the old English
To separate and distinguish Us from the rest: The hot air inflated The highly overrated Grossly over-compensated

We will speak to you in the King’s English. Our verbosity is what differentiates us from: 1. those who make empty statements 2. those who overestimate their powers 3. those who earn more than they should

We leaving you elated with a sense
Of accomplishment Like you gained A little something Not wondering where your money went

Instead of suspecting us of fraud, you will depart our concerts in a good mood, feeling as if value has been added to your life

Knowledge reigns supreme over nearly everybody That’s why ETC’s Come to put an end to the monotony Promptly we got the eye of the tiger like Rocky A runaway train, ain’t nobody going to stop me Superman himself yo despite all his might Would have to take flight Defeated by the track The rhymes his Kryptonite We’re those supernatural beings on some next level shit Who set the precedent That you bitch niggas need to reckon with So dropping intellect is now considered a prerequisite.

I, knowledgeable Emcee Logical, am the best, and this is why my group ETC crew can brighten up your boring day in no time at all. A certain quality of courage and a desire to win at all costs shines from our eyes. I am unstoppable. My songs repel superheroes like mythical radioactive ore. We are somewhat out of this world. We are the benchmark of excellence towards which softer-hearted artists aspire. They must understand that affecting cleverness is now considered de rigeur.

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